COVID-19 Case Information


April 21 New Positive Cases: 153*

Total Positive Cases: 2,123
Health District includes Fairfax County, City of Fairfax, City of Falls Church and towns within the county

Total Deaths: 66

* Daily reported numbers as reported by the Virginia Department of Health.

Fairfax Health District is no longer reporting case summaries for each new COVID-19 positive case, as laboratory reporting is increasing from public and commercial labs. We will continue to update total cases for the health district daily, information in the table below, and provide additional information on case investigations that identify significant community exposures, or when events warrant.

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COVID-19 Cases

Age Group Number Rate per 100,000
0-17 36 12.9
18-49 1,044 203.3
50-64 573 244.0
65 and over 457 307.3
Total 2,110* 179.5

* May not reflect the total number of cases because investigations are ongoing. 

COVID-19 Deaths

Age Group Number Rate per 100,000
0-17 0 0
18-49 1 0.2
50-64 9 3.8
65 and over 56 37.5
Total 66 5.6


Understanding this Information

  • The information in the case table is not intended to be used for individual diagnoses or to measure individual risk. Please call your health care provider if you have any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing.
  • In addition to the number of confirmed cases and deaths seen in each age group, rates are provided to indicate the age distribution of cases and deaths while taking into account the size differences of the age groups. This rate is the number of cases in an age group divided by the total number of people within that age group.
  • All data are subject to change as more information is received.


More information about cases in Virginia is available on the VDH coronavirus website

COVID-19 knows no boundaries or zip codes.

All geographic areas of Fairfax County currently are at risk of disease transmission. These cases only represent a place of residence and not where transmission may have occurred, so it should not be used to measure individual risk.

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