Long Term Care Coordinating Council

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: Our administration office at 10777 Main Street in Fairfax is open during regular business hours 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Clinic services are not offered at this location.

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Patricia Rohrer,
Long Term Care Program Manager

Long Term Care Coordinating Council

Identifying Gaps ~ Finding Solutions

To address the long term care needs of a growing population, the Board of Supervisors chartered the Long Term Care Coordinating Council (LTCCC) in 2002 to identify needs and create solutions for long term care services and programs that enhance the lives of older adults and people with disabilities.

The goal of the LTCCC is to provide a foundation so that Fairfax area residents are able to remain in their own community as they age or live with their disability and be able to participate in community life to the fullest.

LTCCC Vision and Mission

The LTCCC works with residents, advocates, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, businesses, local governments and faith communities to reach its vision of an "inclusive, supportive community of all ages and abilities in the Fairfax area." Its mission is to identify needs and promote solutions that enhance the lives of older adults, adults with disabilities and caregivers so all can participate fully in the community.

Learn about the work of LTCCC committees.

See the LTCCC membership list.

LTCCC Guiding Principles

  • Advance equity and diversity.
  • Advocate for creative solutions.
  • Educate funders and policy makers.
  • Increase collaboration and community partnerships.
  • Raise awareness of long term care needs.

Strategic Plan Goals for 2017 - 2022

  1. Increase the diversity of representation on the LTCCC.
  2. Support the efforts of local entities to conduct community outreach to increase awareness of services available to older adults and adults with disabilities.
  3. Improve integration and collaboration within the LTCCC and among groups doing the same work.
  4. Improve technology access and use by older adults and adults with disabilities.
  5. Advocate for policy changes that improve the lives of older adults and adults with disabilities.

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