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Pieter A. Sheehan, REHS,
Director, Division of Environmental Health

Hotels, Bed & Breakfast Facilities, Campgrounds and Summer Camps

Fairfax County Health Department conducts inspections and complaint investigations for general sanitation, infestations and health/safety hazards of hotels, bed and breakfast facilities, campgrounds and summer camps (overnight only) (known as "tourist establishments").

Permitting Details

The tourist establishments defined below are required to obtain a health permit before opening to the public.

Definitions of Tourist Establishments


Any place offering to the public for compensation transitory lodging or sleeping accommodations, overnight or otherwise, including but not limited to facilities commonly known as hotels, motels, travel lodges, tourist homes, or hostels and similar facilities by whatever name called which consist of two or more lodging units. Read the Commonwealth of Virginia statutes that govern hotels.

Bed and Breakfast Facility

A residential type establishment that provides two or more rental accommodations and food service on any single day to a maximum of 18 transient guests for a period of five or more days in any calendar year or any residential type of facility providing at least one rental accommodation for transient guests and food service for a total of 30 or more days in any calendar year.


Refers to but is not limited to tourist camps, travel trailer camps, recreation camps, family campgrounds, camping resorts, camping communities or any other area, place, parcel or tract of land, by whatever name called, on which three or more campsites are occupied or intended for occupancy, or facilities are established or maintained, wholly or in part, for the accommodation of camping sites for periods of overnight or longer, whether the use of the campsite and/or facilities is granted gratuitously, by a rental fee, by lease, by conditional sale or by covenants, restrictions and easements.

This definition is not intended to include summer camps, and migrant labor camps, construction camps, permanent mobile home parks, or storage areas for unoccupied camping units nor property upon which the individual owner may choose to camp and not be prohibited or encumbered by covenants, restrictions and conditions from providing his sanitary facilities within his property lines. Read the Commonwealth of Virginia statutes that govern campgrounds.

Summer Camp

Any building, tent or vehicle or group of buildings, tents or vehicles, operated as one place or establishment, or any other place or establishment, public or private, together with the land and waters adjacent thereto, which is operated or used in the Commonwealth for the entertainment, education, recreation, religious instruction or activities, physical education, or health of persons under eighteen years of age who are not related to the operator of the Summer Camp, if twelve or more such persons at one time are accommodated gratuitously or for compensation, overnight and during any portion of more than two consecutive days. Read the Commonwealth of Virginia statutes that govern summer camps.

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