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Affordable Housing Advisory Council

The Affordable Housing Advisory Council (AHAC) was established in June 2021 to replace the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee and create a formalized council to advise the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors regarding the county's progress on the preservation and new development of affordable housing opportunities. Originally formed in 2005 to provide oversight for the administration of funds in the original "Penny for Affordable Housing Fund," AHAC has been instrumental in establishing important housing initiatives such as the Housing Blueprint and the Communitywide Housing Strategic Plan.

Recognizing that housing is foundational for all, the purpose of AHAC is to provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, consistent with the One Fairfax policy, regarding:

  • Implementation and achievement of the Communitywide Housing Strategic Plan
  • County resource requirements identified in annual Budget Guidance and other documents that guide affordable housing development and preservation
  • Policies and programs that synthesize, support, and promote county efforts related to housing affordability and homelessness

Affordable Housing Advisory Council Charter

Affordable Housing Advisory Council ByLaws

Council Resources

Upcoming Council Meetings

Council Members

Council Co-Chairs:

  • The Honorable Richard C. "Rip" Sullivan, Jr., Virginia House of Delegates
  • Kerrie Wilson, CEO, Cornerstones, Inc.

Council Members:

  • Molly Bensinger-Lacy, Braddock District Appointee
  • Cookie Blitz, Disability Services Board Appointee
  • Marlene Blum, Alliance for Human Services Appointee
  • John Boylan, Business, Economic Development, Health Appointee
  • Nicholas Bracco, For-Profit Real Estate Industry Appointee
  • Eduardo Conde, Human Rights Commission Appointee
  • Joe Fay, Alliance for Human Services Appointee
  • Richard Kennedy, Redevelopment and Housing Authority Appointee
  • Keary Kincannon, Mt Vernon District Appointee
  • Michelle Krocker, Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance Appointee
  • David Levine, Advocacy Group Appointee
  • Ken McMillon, Community Action Advisory Board Appointee
  • Gwendolyn Minton, Hunter Mill District Appointee
  • Joseph Mondoro, Providence District Appointee
  • Shelley Murphy, Affordable Housing Developer/Owner Appointee
  • RJ Narang, Dranesville District Appointee
  • Ava Nguyen, Business, Economic Development, Health Appointee
  • Mary Paden, NAACP Appointee
  • Michael Perez, Springfield District Appointee
  • Jerry Poje, Human Services Council Appointee
  • Jon Smoot, Faith Community Appointee
  • Julie Strandlie, Planning Commission Appointee
  • Eleanor Vincent, Advocacy Group Appointee
  • Steven Woolf, Business, Economic Development, Health Appointee
  • A.J. Zaman, Sully District Appointee

Previous Meeting Materials



Meeting materials from prior meetings of the Affordable Housing Advisory Council are available upon request.
Please contact us at RHA@fairfaxcounty.gov to submit a request. We do ask that you specify in your message the date(s) of the meeting(s) for which you are seeking records in order to help us locate and provide the records you are seeking.

Thank you.

Continuum of Care Subcommittee

The purpose of the Continuum of Care Committee is to provide community leadership and policy guidance, consistent with the One Fairfax policy, to ensure the successful end to homelessness in the Fairfax-Falls Church community.  The Committee serves in compliance with the U.S.  Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Rule 24 CFR 578, Subpart B, entitled “Establishing and Operating a Continuum of Care.”

Continuum of Care Subcommittee Charter

Learn more about the Continuum of Care

Affordable Housing Dashboard

The Affordable Housing Dashboard provides a point-in-time snapshot of the County's advancements in the creation and preservation of affordable housing since 2019.



If you have questions about the Affordable Housing Advisory Council, please contact us at RHA@fairfaxcounty.gov. 

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