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Moving to Work in Fairfax County

The goal of the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA) is that our residents have a place to call home, and an opportunity to thrive.  That is why the FCRHA created its THRIVE Initiative - Total Housing Reinvention for Individual Success, Vital Services and Economic Empowerment. 

The THRIVE Initiative is all about linking residents to services and programs offered by other county agencies or non-profit organizations aimed at helping them become more self-sufficient.  These programs are designed to help residents better manage their money; train for a new job; pursue college or other training; become a better parent; learn English; improve your health; and perhaps even purchase a home.

At the heart of THRIVE is the FCRHA’s application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for designation as a “Moving to Work” (MTW) agency.

With the MTW designation, the FCRHA may now be able to:

  • Create a housing continuum that seamlessly joins together the county’s housing programs – including Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers - and establishes goals to help residents move toward self-sufficiency you are able to achieve.
  • Expand its already strong community partnerships with non-profit organizations to provide self-sufficiency services ranging from “ready-to-rent” training, to job readiness, through homebuyer education and beyond. 
  • Reduce the burden both on staff and residents related to such things as re-certifications and inspections, which will allow staff to focus more on people – not paperwork.  This now focus will allow us to link you to the services – such as job training and education – that residents need to move toward self-sufficiency. 

The FCRHA approved the MTW Plan at its June 14, 2012 meeting and submitted its application for this program to HUD on June 26, 2012.


Moving to Work Plan

DRAFT FY 2023 Moving to Work Plan

  • This draft plan is currently in revision. A public comment period and public hearing will be scheduled for later this spring to receive comments on an updated version of this draft which will be posted as soon as it is completed. Please check back for details.

Amended FY 2022 Moving to Work Plan

FY 2022 Moving to Work Plan

FY 2021 Moving to Work Plan

FY 2020 Moving to Work Plan

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