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John Kellas,
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Residential Disposal Fees and Regulations

Residency and Payment Options

Proof of residency in Fairfax County (i.e., utility bill, driver’s license) is required to dispose of trash at either the I-66 Transfer Station Complex or I-95 Landfill Complex.

Methods of payment accepted include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Checks, or Cash.

Fees and Regulations

Fees for disposing of trash are based on volume (cubic yards) or weight (pounds). Bagged waste is charged based on volume, while unbagged bulk waste is typically charged by weight. The county reserves the right to base the fee on either volume or weight. Customers may request that the disposal fee for bulk waste be based on weight rather than volume. Should weight-based pricing be used, the vehicle will be weighed on a scale and the fee calculated based on the weight of the waste.

If a customer fails to return to the scales for an empty weight, Fairfax County will estimate the empty weight of the vehicle and customers will be charged accordingly. If action is necessary to collect the disposal fees, a penalty of $50 will be added.


NOTE:  A bag of waste is defined as a standard 32-gallon trash bag or can.

There is a minimum fee for disposal of materials at the facilities.

Most recyclables are accepted for FREE at the I-66 and I-95 sites. However, fees apply to yard waste, brush, appliances and tires. These fees offset special processing costs. 


  • $14 minimum charge, $66/ton
  • 1-5 bags, $14
  • 6-10 bags, $19
  • Senior Residents (60 years or older) with 1-2 bags, $6

Brush (branch and/or trunk diameter must be 20 inches or less)

  • $13 minimum charge, $47/ton  
  • Fees for brush delivered in pick-up trucks may be based on volume if the materials do not extend beyond the height of the cab or the length of the truck. Otherwise, vehicles will be weighed.
  • Mini pickup load, $13
  • Full-size pickup without rack, $20
  • Christmas Trees (without ornaments, lights and tree stands), $7
  • NOTE:  To keep the flat fee rate, brush must not be heaped on truck over cab height or extended beyond the closed tailgate.

Yard Waste (bagged leaves and/or grass)

  • $14 minimum charge, $64/ton
  • 1-5 bags, $14
  • 6-10 bags, $18
  • Senior Residents (60 years or older) with 1-2 bags. $6

Brick, concrete, dirt and rocks

  • Only small quantities are allowed, $76/ton.
  • The minimum charge for CDD is $35 for homeowners.

White Goods

  • Appliance that requires the removal of refrigerant (coolant) or a capacitor, $10 each
  • 20-pound propane tank, $10 each


  • 1-10, $9 each
  • Bulk load of tires - bulk loads accepted at I-95 ONLY, $185/ton

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Facility Layouts

I-66 Map Transfer Station

I-66 Complex: Layout of Residents' Recycling and Disposal Center

I-95 Map Transfer Station

I-95 Complex: Layout of Residents' Recycling and Disposal Center

Facility Funding

Where the money comes from: The I-95 Landfill and I-66 Transfer Station are funded through the collection of fees for service paid by customers – not through the county’s General Fund.

Where the money goes: Revenues are used to cover operating costs including equipment, personnel, utilities, environmental controls, hazardous waste, recycling and waste reduction programs.

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