Small Business Commission

Fairfax County, Virginia


12000 Government Center Parkway
Suite 427

Ron Shoram,
Commission Staffer

Small Business Commission: About Us

Small Business Commission LogoThe Small Business Commission (SBC) was created by the Board of Supervisors to advise and assist the Board, county executive, and county purchasing agent on any matter that will enhance the capability of small, minority and women-owned businesses, and those owned by service-disabled veterans to succeed.


Current Commissioners

At-Large Mr. John D. Pellegrin  (9/2009, 12/2021)
At-Large   Ms. Shawnequa Alleyne (1/2022, 12/2025)
At-Large Ms. Tracey Wood  (6/2013, 12/2023)
Braddock District Mr. Joseph Underwood (12/2017, 12/2023)
Dranesville District Ms. Gigi Thompson Jarvis (12/2020, 12/2023)
Hunter Mill District Ms. Gwyn Whittaker  (6/2019, 12/2023)
Lee District Ms. Kelly Hebron  (11/2008, 12/2023)
Mason District Mr. Daren Shumate (10/2019, 12/2023)
Mount Vernon District Ms. Melody Thorson (3/2018, 12/2023)
Providence District Mr. Melvin Murphy (6/2021, 12/2023)
Springfield District Mr. Chris Vernon (2/2021, 12/2023)
Sully District Mr. Marvin Powell  (10/2004, 12/2021)


*Month/Year first appointed, Month/Year current term expires

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